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Women’s Rosie Diversity T-Shirt


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50% organic cotton/50% recycled polyester – extra-soft 
Women's cut
Union-made and Union-printed 

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CHEST 35-36 37-39.5 40-42.5 43-47.5 48-52 52.5-55.5 56-58.5
WAIST 29-30 31-33.5 34-36.5 37-41.5 43-47 47.5-50.5 51-53.5
HIPS 36-37 38-40.5 41-43.5 44-48.5 49-53 53.5-57.5 58-61.5
LONG SLEEVE 31 32 33 33 33 34 34
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1. Preheat your iron to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (the cotton setting for about five minutes or until hot) and position your patch where you want it on the material

2. Place a pressing parchment square or a thin cloth over the patch. EPC TIP: Use a damp cloth when ironing wool or other delicate fabrics. Also, make sure the cloth is damp, not soaking wet.

3. Place your iron onto the cloth on top of the patch and apply firm pressure for about 30 seconds. Allow material and patch to cool for five minutes.

4. Next, turn your garment inside out and iron the area behind the patch while applying firm pressure for 30 seconds. This ensures that the patch is firmly attached. Allow the area to cool for another five minutes, and the iron-on process is complete.